Welcome to Yellow Finch, my personal blog where I document small details. I find inspiration in the world around me, in the morning sunlight that dances across my window, in the sweet aromas of vanilla and nutmeg that tend to linger in my kitchen and in the laughter my children toss into the air. Here you will find a lifestyle story weaved together with my own photographs and words.

I am a writer, an amateur photographer and, first and foremost, a wife and mother. My day-to-day details include writings on outdoor adventures, simple living, positive parenting, travel, food and more. We want to see the world, embrace it, feel it and experience it and we want those same experiences for our children.

As a wife of an established restaurant owner, you will often hear me talk about good food and fine wine. These are staples in our lives and a part of our every day routines. My husband Jon and I love good food, we love to spend our time in the kitchen and we appreciate and enjoy tasting fine spirits. We find meaning through these moments and these meanings define us as a family.

I strive for simplicity and finding happiness in life.
I document details in hopes to treasure them forever.
I embrace time and cherish my surroundings.
And these are my memories.

I am the Copy Editor for Babiekins Magazine, a magazine for the trendsetting child, and can also be found writing on the Babiekins Magazine Blog. I am a writer for the What to Expect Word of Mom blog series and I currently sit on the board for Indigo Ink Press, a small non-profit press that publishes meaningful, creative and immersive fiction and poetry, as well as provocative artistic non-fiction.