one accessory. five outfits

1 accessory
Do you ever see giveaways on fellow blogger's sites and sometimes enter them?
Or sometimes you ohh and ahh over the item and wish you would win, but you forget to come back and enter?
Or, if you're like me, you tend to steer clear of giveaways. Not that you don't want to enter or win, but it's more that your mind carries you else where and the next thing you know you have moved on.
Well my friends, I recently entered a giveaway over on Modern Kiddo (which is an amazing blog run by amazing women) and wouldn't you know it....I won.
Not only did I just win, but I won this fabulous Kate Spade bag!!
I cannot even begin to describe my excitement. I am head over heels for this baby and am so thankful to Alix and Dottie. Many many thanks for your gracious giveaway.

So, as I sat and brainstormed how to blog about this giveaway I thought, yes, I should do a fun little feature about this bag. Every friday (for five fridays in a row) I will pair this electric pink accessory with an outfit and I will share it here with you. This should be interesting because this is NOT a fashion blog. I love cloths and I especially love accessories, but I really have no sense of fashion. This will be a unique challenge for me and a great time to hear your feedback.
Please join me on this adventure!

outfit details:
bag // kate spade from Modern Kiddo giveaway . dress // ann taylor loft . belt // target . shoes // kenneth cole via marhsalls . agate ring // yellow finch designs


  1. You look gorgeous! I love the dress and the bag :)

  2. NO WAY!!!! I love that bag!!! I can't believe you won!! so exciting :-) Modern Kiddo is one of my all time favorite blogs.

  3. a. the bag rocks and I have been lusting over it since you first revealed it on instagram.

    b. that dress looks rocking on you. a perfect neutral to let the bag pop. Love it!

  4. Oh it looks AMAZING on you! And it's quite the STATEMENT BAG, so I'm sure finding just the right outfit can be challenging. But that's what I loved about it too. I think it would look totally stylish with jeans and a white tee. But I love it with the navy! Such a pretty dress, and then that YEOWZA pop of color. Can't wait to see what else you come up with!


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